[Samba] Moving file after transfer

Ovidiu Barzan ovidiu.barzan_mlist at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 09:07:39 MST 2012


I\m writing a VFS module that needs to move a file, after it is transferred, to a folder that is not shared.
The shared folders that use this VFS module are used to sent files for processing by another application. The module signals the application that it has work to do and moves the file. 

So far I've been using the last close call, moving the file after doing SMB_VFS_NEXT_CLOSE().
This works fine for clients form Linux, Windows and, AIX. However MACs (tested on 10.6) seem to do some extra operations after close.
When moving the file an error is displayed on MAC. 

My question is:

Is there a better way then the close call to know when a client is done with the file, and it's safe to move it?

Thank you,

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