[Samba] Windows program is verifying owner, group and file permissions

Chris chris-2012 at arcor.de
Mon Nov 19 10:43:56 MST 2012

Dear all,

there's UserA and UserB. Their primary group is users. Both are member 
of a group departmentD.

We've a share

drwsrws---	UserA	departmentD	data

that is accessed by a rather unknown business solution software 
(developed with .NET framework).

UserA can write with this business app to this share. UserB can't. When 
I modify the permissions to

drwsrws---	UserB	departmentD	data

it's vice versa.

Both users can read/write this share from Windows Explorer or other 
programs. It's just this .NET application that prevents access. It seems 
like it's checking access rights in a rather strange way.

Is this a known issue? Is there any solution? I set force group to 
+departmentD, but it didn't work. Is it possible to say UserA this 
folder (and all files within) are owned by UserA and UserB it's owned by 

Thank you in advance.


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