[Samba] Additional Zones with Samba4 DNS

Innocent Yevide inyevfr at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 16 16:01:01 MST 2012

Hi Michael,

could you please send me your server dns info as below, so that I can compare if there is anything missing on my side...

[root at MyHost ~]# samba-tool dns serverinfo MyHost
Password for [administrator at OFFICE.LOCAL]:
  dwVersion                   : 0xece0205
  fBootMethod                 : DNS_BOOT_METHOD_DIRECTORY
  fAdminConfigured            : FALSE
  fAllowUpdate                : TRUE
  fDsAvailable                : TRUE
  pszServerName               : MyHost.office.local
  pszDsContainer              : CN=MicrosoftDNS,DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=office,DC=local
  aipServerAddrs              : [' (53)']
  aipListenAddrs              : [' (53)']
  aipForwarders               : []
  dwLogLevel                  : 0
  dwDebugLevel                : 0
  dwForwardTimeout            : 3
  dwRpcPrototol               : 0x5
  dwNameCheckFlag             : DNS_ALLOW_MULTIBYTE_NAMES
  cAddressAnswerLimit         : 0
  dwRecursionRetry            : 3
  dwRecursionTimeout          : 8
  dwMaxCacheTtl               : 86400
  dwDsPollingInterval         : 180
  dwScavengingInterval        : 0
  dwDefaultRefreshInterval    : 168
  dwDefaultNoRefreshInterval  : 168
  fAutoReverseZones           : FALSE
  fAutoCacheUpdate            : FALSE
  fRecurseAfterForwarding     : FALSE
  fForwardDelegations         : TRUE
  fNoRecursion                : FALSE
  fSecureResponses            : FALSE
  fRoundRobin                 : TRUE
  fLocalNetPriority           : FALSE
  fBindSecondaries            : FALSE
  fWriteAuthorityNs           : FALSE
  fStrictFileParsing          : FALSE
  fLooseWildcarding           : FALSE
  fDefaultAgingState          : FALSE
  dwRpcStructureVersion       : 0x2
  aipLogFilter                : []
  pwszLogFilePath             : None
  pszDomainName               : office.local
  pszForestName               : office.local
  pszDomainDirectoryPartition : DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=office,DC=local
  pszForestDirectoryPartition : DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=office,DC=local
  dwLocalNetPriorityNetMask   : 0xff
  dwLastScavengeTime          : 0
  dwEventLogLevel             : 4
  dwLogFileMaxSize            : 0
  dwDsForestVersion           : 0
  dwDsDomainVersion           : 0
  dwDsDsaVersion              : 4
  fReadOnlyDC                 : FALSE

 De : Innocent Yevide <inyevfr at yahoo.fr>
À : Michael Hildenbrand <Michael.Hildenbrand at visualimg.de> 
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Objet : Re: [Samba] Additional Zones with Samba4 DNS


yes I use internal DNS not bind. 

how do you want me to check the DNS? I am able to resolve host normally, when a new client join the domain the DNS is updated properly as well.

yes the the machine running the DNS tool is properly logged in the domain with domain Administrator username. When I try to connect, it just says it cannot connect to DNS server. but when I try to monitor/test that DNS server with dns tool, I see that reverse dns is working, but simple dns test fails.

Best Regards,


 De : Michael Hildenbrand <Michael.Hildenbrand at visualimg.de>
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Objet : Re: [Samba] Additional Zones with Samba4 DNS

config file smb.conf is quite unimportant for DNS. Do you use internal  Samba DNS, not bind, and did you check your DNS ? Is your user who uses the DNS tool from MS in the domain and
 in the domain logged on? Without a logged on Domain User with Admin Rights your are not able to connect to the DNS Server. What error message do you get?

Von: Innocent Yevide [mailto:inyevfr at yahoo.fr] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. November 2012 23:39
An: Michael Hildenbrand
Betreff: Re: [Samba] Additional Zones with Samba4 DNS

Hi Michael,

I also have samba4 rc5 installed but cannot connect to the internal dns with MS DNS tool. could u please share your config file with me? perhaps I am missing something.



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