[Samba] trust between the position of this work station and the primary domain could not be established.

Roman Peterzela roman.peterzela at ice-vienna.at
Thu Nov 8 02:06:21 MST 2012

Dear Team!


I am going nuts now. We use a Samba-server and normal Win7 64bit
Professional SP1 clients and I get most oft he time the error message.


I have implemented the registry-keys and adapted the mmc-grouppolicy

Max.age for computer PW´s 0 days

Changing computeraccout PW´s deactiv -> deactivated

Strong key -> activ

Secure channel data Digitally encrypt or sign(always) ->deactiv


What am I missing for connecting to that Samba???????



Greetings from Vienna,

Roman Peterzela


Wiener Bildungsserver


Alserbachstraße 23/2

A-1090 Wien


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