[Samba] Samba4-rc4 Internal DNS && ACL sync problem

Innocent Yevide inyevfr at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 8 10:27:21 MST 2012


I am trying to connect to samba4 internal DNS server from Win7 using DNS manager. but I cannot connect to it; however I am able to connect to the same on windows server.

the samba4 dns is however working fine. I can resolve hosts properly.

do I need may be to configure anything, or set server role parameter to something?

My second issue is:

I am trying to synchronize a folder (including acl) from windows server to samba4 share but during synchronization I get this:

smbd[23810]: [2012/11/07 17:42:26.786486,  0] ../source3/modules/vfs_posixacl.c:351(smb_acl_to_posix)
smbd[23810]:   smb_acl_to_posix: ACL group:3000014:rwx
smbd[23810]:   user:root:rwx
smbd[23810]:   group::rwx
smbd[23810]:   group:3000014:rwx
smbd[23810]:   other::rwx
smbd[23810]:   group:wheel:rwx
smbd[23810]:   user::rwx
smbd[23810]:   group:3000000:r-x
smbd[23810]:   mask::rwx
smbd[23810]:    is invalid for set (No such file or directory)
smbd[23810]: [2012/11/07 17:42:26.925905,  0] ../source3/modules/vfs_posixacl.c:351(smb_acl_to_posix)
[---------------------------------  rest is omitted ----------------------------------------]

is this error known to anyone?

Best Regards,


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