[Samba] CreatePrinterIC failure from Windows8 client

samba user samba3.user at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 05:00:31 MST 2012


While testing Window8 print functionality I notice that the point and print
installation of the SAMBA shared printer fails.

The symptom is that the driver files gets copied on to the client but
towards the end while finishing the printer addition Windows8 throws an
error "Cannot connect to Printer: Operation failed with error 0x000006d1".
Please note the PnP installation for the same printer works fine from a
Windows7 client.

The printer server I'm using is Debian etch with SAMBA-3.5.15 installed on
it and the client is a Windows8-Pro running on a laptop.

I captured the packet trace from which it appears like this is an RPC error
from SAMBA side. Below is the snippet of failed communication:

SPOOLSS              CreatePrinterIC request

DCERPC                Fault: call_id: 19 Fragment: Single ctx_id: 0 status:

By looking at the source code (source3/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c, line
#9711 - 9716) it looks like SAMBA does not support this RPC call.

WERROR _spoolss_CreatePrinterIC(pipes_struct *p,

                                struct spoolss_CreatePrinterIC *r)


        p->rng_fault_state = true;

        return WERR_NOT_SUPPORTED;


Could anyone let me know if CreatePrinterIC going to be supported in later
versions of SAMBA? The SAMBA-3.6.x also doesn't seem to have this call
implemented yet.

This CreatePrinterIC RPC call looks to be getting called only in case of
Windows8 and not in case of Windows7 (and previous versions). If
CreatePrinterIC is not supported currently, are there any (client/server
side) workaround using which I can get away with this problem?



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