[Samba] [PATCH] Re: SYSVOL ACLs and GPOs

Alex Matthews qoole.samba at lillimoth.com
Tue Nov 6 04:43:27 MST 2012

On 05/11/2012 02:10, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> It is certainly very helpful to have this happen with samba-tool.  Can
> you remind me the history of this domain, is it the upgrade I was trying
> to suggest you do, or a fresh provision?
> If you can tell me what provision command-line you run, if it was
> provisioned with an older version, which branch and git revision that
> was and what branch and git revision as you running now?
> I've tried to replicate this in 'make test' but failed (the tests pass).
> The patch for that is attached for review.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett

Ok, I think we've got a bit lost in issues here, so I'll start from the 
very beginning (I've heard it's a very good place to start).

I have set up two domains:

home.lillimoth.com - a test domain set up on virtual machines at home. 
This domain has been provisioned from scratch.
internal.stmaryscollege.co.uk - a production domain at my work place. 
This domain was migrated from a samba 3 domain.

My issue is that when I run gpmc (the group policy management console) 
on a windows machine (XP or 7) and selected a gpo to edit I get the message:

"The permissions for this GPO in the SYSVOL folder are inconsistent with 
those in Active Directory.
It is recommended that these permissions be consistent.
To change the SYSVOL permissions to those in Active Directory, click 
OK." - Please see: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828760

This occurs on both domains.
Clicking 'ok' to the popup should correct the ACLs on the files/folders 
it believes are incorrect.
Please note that before clicking 'ok' sysvolcheck passes with no errors 
however after clicking it would fail with the following error:

"ERROR(<class 'samba.provision.ProvisioningError'>): uncaught exception 
- ProvisioningError: VFS ACL on GPO directory 
does not match expected value 
from GPO object"

This suggests that the gpmc did change the ACLs however when reselecting 
the same GPO it pops up with the same message again!
Both servers have the correct mount options (user_xattr,acl) and acls 
work when set manually.

I did some research into what the ACLs should be on the sysvol share and 
came up with these: http://pastebin.com/sSURWrDf which were taken from a 
WS2003 machine.

I have not yet attempted to set these on my S4 server but will try that 

The issue seems to revolve around:
     Incorrect initial ACLs on the sysvol share and its subfolders.
     The inability of the GPMC to correct the issue. Suggesting that 
there is some issue setting ACLs on the sysvol share from a windows client.

There we a couple of issues with samba-tool creating GPOs but I will run 
through those in an email later this evening when I have had chance to 
test them on my test domain.



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