[Samba] [Announce] CTDB release 2.0 is ready for download

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Mon Nov 5 06:45:40 MST 2012

Hi Amitay,

On 2012-10-31 at 19:59 +1100, Amitay Isaacs wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 7:12 PM, Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org> wrote:
> > On 2012-10-31 at 16:14 +1100, Amitay Isaacs wrote:
> >> This is long overdue CTDB release. There have been numerous code
> >> enhancements and bug fixes since the last release of CTDB.
> >
> > it is really very nice, that we start over, version-wise! :-)
> >
> > Are you planning to create a ctdb-2.0 branch off the release tag
> > so that this version can stabilize?
> Owing to a *very small* active group of developers of CTDB, most of
> the new commits would be bug-fixes. ;-)

Well, that is what a stable release branch is for - bugfixes...  ;)

> I didn't want to take on extra work of maintaining multiple
> development/release branches till there is significant contribution
> and new developments. I will continue to release from master till we
> need separate stable and development branches.

> >> Highlights
> >> =======
> >>
> >> * Support for readonly records (http://ctdb.samba.org/doc/readonlyrecords.txt)
> >
> > Wasn't that alrady in the 1.2.* versions and the version stream
> > in the branch 1.13 ?
> >
> >> * Locking API to detect deadlocks between ctdb and samba
> >> * Fetch-lock optimization to rate-limit concurrent requests for same record
> >> * Support for policy routing
> >> * Modified IP allocation algorithm
> >> * Improved database vacuuming
> >
> > This is also available in the 1.2.* stream (various 1.2.X branches)
> > and even the 1.0.114.* versions (1.0.114 branch).
> >
> >> * New test infrastructure
> >
> > Sorry for pointing these out so bluntly.
> > I may have missed somethings, but I also did not
> > want to let a false impression arise that the
> > items I commented on were newly created and are
> > not available in eralier releases.
> >
> > If this is misleading or wrong, please apologize and clarify! :-)
> Last time I checked, the last community released code (either in
> tarball or RPM form) was 1.0.114. Correct me if I am wrong.
> If the changes I mentioned were present in 1.0.114 release, I need to
> improve my git skills significantly. :-)

Please look into the branch 1.0.114.
I did update the changelog for each 1.0.114.X release...

Well, maybe we have a different understanding of what have been
official ctdb releases. Given that there has never been a real
release process (up to now), I also counted the following events
as releases of ctdb:

- Announcements of new releases to the samba-technical mailing
  list, as e.g. Ronnies mail for "1.13" on 2012-03-01.
  There are more examples of that.

- Releae-Tags for versions, pushed to master or one of the release
  Examples of stabilized release branches are 1.0.114
  (which I maintain and where we are at, 1.2, the
  slightly strange stream of release branches 1.2.27, 1.2.39, 1.2.40,
  and 1.13.

All that being said, it is of course great to start over
with a new release stream and with proper release process,
annoucements and source tar ball!

I just wanted to prevent the impression that all these features
are brand new and have not been available at all yet.

A note on publishing the sources:
I think it would be most useful to primarily publish the tarballs
(not the source RPMs), and to make sure that also the ctdb
compiled from tarball has a proper version number (and not only
that compiled via source RPM).

Cheers - Michael

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