[Samba] Domain DFS on samba 4

Ludovic Rouse-Lamarre ludovic.rouse-lamarre at xyzcivitas.com
Sat Nov 3 14:55:38 MDT 2012

On 2012-10-28 13:01, Robert Schetterer wrote:
> To set up a load-balancing Dfs share, create the symbolic link like this:
>      # ln -s 'msdfs:toltec\data,msdfs:mixtec\data' lb-data
Ok well anyway it seems samba DFS doesn't include data replication. I 
have been looking around and I think maybe the Unison project would do 
the job for us. In response to AB, if possible we prefer to avoid the 
latency penalty for everyone.

I have reconsidered using domain DFS. I think a stand-alone DFS root 
would be sufficient. I am interested in setting up a load-balancing Dfs 
share but I need clarifications regarding the selection process.

Let's say I define my load balancing share like this:
ln -s 'msdfs:serverindatacenter\data,msdfs:nasinremoteoffice\data' lb-data

If both shares specified in the load balancing Dfs share are available, 
can I be sure the clients in our remote office will always be accessing 
their own NAS rather than the server available over the WAN? In other 
words is it possible they will connect to the server available with a 
higher latency or can I be sure they will always connect to the server 
directly on the LAN? Please take note the remote office is connected to 
the central server through a VPN.

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