[Samba] Group membership lost unpredictably

Ian Frisbie ifrisbie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 08:27:53 MDT 2012


I have a very bizarre problem linking to my Active Directory from my Ubuntu
11.10 system.  I have three AD users setup with them belonging to a
specific AD group.  When I first login a user onto my Ubuntu system, that
user is shown to be a member of the group:

wbinfo -r <user>

And if I show the group members, it also lists my user:

wbinfo --gid-info <gid>

However - after a while (sometimes minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes)
wbinfo -r no longer indicates the user is part of that group anymore (even
though wbinfo --gid-info still does).  Rebooting the linux box makes no
difference - group membership is lost.  There doesn't seem to be an obvious
trigger for this behavior either - the timing is inconsistent, I'm not
executing any special commands - but it only happens once the user has
logged in.  Not all AD group memberships are lost though, it is still part
of the "domain users" and "domain admin" groups (the built-in groups).

Can anyone explain why the two commands would say different things that
seem to be in direct conflict?  Also, is there a way to manually change
it?  Or force a refresh of the information?


Windows Server 2003
Ubuntu 11.10
Samba 3.5.11

I know you are up to 3.6.8 now.  Is it possible this was related to a bug
fix and I need to upgrade?  I'm on an isolated system and upgrading isn't
an easy process - so I figured I'd ask before I wasted my time.


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