[Samba] force user not working

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Nov 1 07:06:58 MDT 2012

small question. 
Im running debian squeeze, samba 3.6.6-2~bpo60+1  in with domain with ldap. 
I joint my domain with a new server as domain member, so far so good. 
im having problems with the "force user" parameter. 
Its not working.  ;-) 
the force group is working fine. 
strange this is, the share is a copy of other server ( the settings ) and on other server its working ok. 
this is the share : 
        comment = Aftermath Database Spooling
        path = /home/dbspool
        browseable = yes
        writeable = yes
        read list = @"DOMAINNAME\groupname"
        write list = @"DOMAINNAME\groupname"
        force user = username
        force group = groupname 
        create mode = 666
        directory mode = 777
        wide links = yes
        follow symlinks = yes

Very this i copy to the share has user root ( and this is correct since my user is also in the Domain Admins group ) 
but with force user it should be username and not root. 
Im missing something, but can see what. 
the logs are error free. 
Best regards, 

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