[Samba] Password problem

Jaap Winius jwinius at umrk.nl
Thu May 31 09:10:49 MDT 2012

Quoting Willy Offermans <Willy at Offermans.Rompen.nl>:

> What do you mean with ``connect to the Samba server
> in the usual fashion''?

Sorry for not being more specific. By "the usual fashion" I meant  
using smbpasswd to make an account on the server that has the same  
name, password and workgroup as on the workstation.

Quoting Jaap Winius <jwinius at umrk.nl>:

> ... They said to fill in a name and password for the server every  
> time we needed to access the Windows share.

Luckily, this description is not accurate. I eventually discovered  
that I could map a network drive by making use of the "Connect using a  
different user name" option. It's stupid, but I thought Samba didn't  
support this and that it was always necessary to have a Samba account  
with the same name and password combination as the user's Windows  
account. That's simply not true.

My wrong impression, formed many years ago, was based on that option's  
single limitation: it doesn't work when the user name of the Windows  
account is the same and only the password is different. It really does  
require that you "Connect using a different user name". Doh!

Quoting Jorell <JorellF at fastmail.net>:

> Isn't there a check box on windows for mapping a network drive  
> "Connect using different credentials"?

This would have led me to the solution if I hadn't thought of it  
myself. Thanks very much!

> As for samba tricks, give the machine a static IP or a reserved
> IP and allow write access from only that IP?

Already taken care of.

Quoting Moray Henderson <Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org>:

> If you have access to the command prompt or the ability to create batch
> files, you could try "net use" commands.

Good idea, but it looks like Esaote made sure those options are not available.

Thanks for all your support!



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