[Samba] Windows 7 attempting to access Samba over port 80

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Tue May 29 12:02:02 MDT 2012

Since it is port 80, can you capture the contents of the packets? 

It might be Outlook trying to autoconfigure a mail account?  Outlook
will poke around on several ports trying to locate a mail server. 

I believe Windows clients should try to connect on port 445 then fall
back to 137-139.    The only way samba would use port 80 is if you were
using an SSL tunnel BUT I don't think Windows client natively supports

On 05/29/12 11:15, Tom Noonan II wrote:
> Good Morning:
> 	I'm running a domain-joined Samba 3.6 server.  For the majority of
> users it is working as expected; they can log in without issue using their
> domain credentials and AD group ACLs are working.  However, I have one
> Windows 7 user who is complaining he can't log in.  When I looked on the server
> I see no logs for his machine.  I did a initial traffic sniff and I see his
> machine is pinging the Samba server on port 80.
> 	I want to clearly state I don't think this is a samba problem.  The
> overall majority of users are not complaining about this server.  Based on the
> information I have today, Samba doesn't even come into play as the Win7 box
> pings the wrong port.  I do still need to verify that the client is starting
> initially on port 80, and not trying 445, failing, caching the failure, and
> then falling back to 80 on subsequent attempts.
> 	So, I want to pose the following question to the list: has anyone seen
> this?  I shoulder surfed and I don't believe it to be user error at this time.
> I have a sit-down with the user tomorrow to try and resolve this.  However, I
> currently believe this is a client side issue and I don't know what to check
> client side.  (I'm a Linux admin, not Windows)  Can any of the Windows guys on
> this list advise?
> 	Thanks!

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