[Samba] Windows 7 attempting to access Samba over port 80

Tom Noonan II thomas.noonan.ii at hp.com
Tue May 29 09:15:47 MDT 2012

Good Morning:
	I'm running a domain-joined Samba 3.6 server.  For the majority of
users it is working as expected; they can log in without issue using their
domain credentials and AD group ACLs are working.  However, I have one
Windows 7 user who is complaining he can't log in.  When I looked on the server
I see no logs for his machine.  I did a initial traffic sniff and I see his
machine is pinging the Samba server on port 80.
	I want to clearly state I don't think this is a samba problem.  The
overall majority of users are not complaining about this server.  Based on the
information I have today, Samba doesn't even come into play as the Win7 box
pings the wrong port.  I do still need to verify that the client is starting
initially on port 80, and not trying 445, failing, caching the failure, and
then falling back to 80 on subsequent attempts.
	So, I want to pose the following question to the list: has anyone seen
this?  I shoulder surfed and I don't believe it to be user error at this time.
I have a sit-down with the user tomorrow to try and resolve this.  However, I
currently believe this is a client side issue and I don't know what to check
client side.  (I'm a Linux admin, not Windows)  Can any of the Windows guys on
this list advise?

Tom Noonan II
ESTL Technician - Randstad

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