[Samba] 3.2.15 sys_get_vfs_quota -- failed for mntpath[ a device ] bdev [ a device ] qtype[4] id[513]: Invalid argument

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 29 04:01:11 MDT 2012

do quotas work for you? yet another version that does not 
work for me is: 3.5.10
I initially thought problem was with 3.2.15
I have user and group quotas on a ext4 partition mounted 

and samba does not report/recognize quotas, in logs I find:

   sys_get_vfs_quota() failed for mntpath[/mountPath] 
bdev[/dev/device] qtype[2] id[501]: Invalid argument
[2012/05/29 10:46:25.087447,  3] 
   sys_get_vfs_quota() failed for mntpath[/mountPath] 
bdev[/dev/device] qtype[4] id[513]: Invalid argument

On 25/05/12 08:54, lejeczek wrote:
> or/and
> ... qtype[2] id[501]: Invalid argument
> above version of samba does not seem to be able to 
> recognize FS(ext4) quotas,
> could you gents.ladies shed some light please? very much 
> appreciated.
> regards

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