[Samba] Samba4 alpha >20 version: Samba & smbd daemons !

oooo1 at front.ru oooo1 at front.ru
Mon May 28 10:17:10 MDT 2012

In Samba4 alpha 21 and 22 Smbd daemon has to be run except Samba daemon to get access to your shared NetBios resources (folders) .That is in case of alpha versions after 20, Samba daemon starts in its own smbd daemon automatically and with with some parameters such as --configfile and --foreground (but without -D parametr that is not as daemon) .After Samba is started there are 2 processes: Samba & smbd.1. So, after killing of Samba process samba doesn' t delete samba.pid & smb-fileserver.conf.pid, is it riht behaivour of its daemons ?As I remembered nmbd daemon does - it deletes nmbd.pid file.Does Samba daemon have to delete its pid file and pid files of all other processes started by it, in particular smbd process or not ?
2. When Samba are not run and smbd hsa been started without Samba daemon, there 2 processes in memory, but smbd only, not Samba & smbd.And these processes can not be killed by killall command, can be killed by kill -9 # pid only. But after that if start Samba normally (Samba and smbd are started) users can' t get access to NetBios resources before full server reboot and there are messages such as this address are already in use for port 139, this address are already in use for port 445 in log file after restart Samba daemon after ru of kill -9 #pid. Th same situation if Samba starts not correctly and smbd couldn' t be started with Samba and it needs to start smbd manually. I have got this situation too, but at the time couldn' t investigate why it is so.May be to make impossible to start smbd daemon without Samba daemon or make possible to correctly unload its process.
In Samba4 alpha up to 20 version Samba daemon served as authorization as AD services as file access - all in one and it didn' t need to run smbd and smbd wasn' t started, smbd wasn' t in memory at all.

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