[Samba] cross-compile samba4

Mike Howard mike at dewberryfields.co.uk
Mon May 28 10:07:40 MDT 2012

On 18/05/2012 08:54, Kai Blin wrote:
> On 2012-05-18 09:45, Mike Howard wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>> I have compiled natively on the dreamplug and it did take ~2hrs. In the
>> past I've usually had to compile numerous times and time is money as
>> they say :), so compiling on my desktop, at just under 5mins, would be a
>> boon.
> The Archlinux|ARM folks have a guide on using distcc cross-compiling
> guide on their website,
> http://archlinuxarm.org/developers/distcc-cross-compiling
> I haven't tried this myself yet, but it should be adaptable to your
> set-up and allow you to launch ARM builds that are distributed to your
> desktop machine.
Hello again Kai,

As previously mentioned, distcc turned out not to be of any improvement 
over my initial cross compile attempts.

I also tried qemu which wasn't much of an improvement over compiling 
natively on my ARM device.

I have eventually succeeded in cross compiling on my x86_64 desktop and 
although it's not as fast as a 5 minute native compile, I'll settle for 
14 minutes as opposed to over 2 hours.

Thanks for the input.


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