[Samba] Can add users to ACL for a file on Win7 Security Dialog, but not WinXP??

Bruce Martin bruce.martin at generationschurch.co.za
Mon May 28 01:46:15 MDT 2012

Hi there - I have a Samba server running on Ubuntu, in security = user
mode, with 3 users who have had smbpasswd run to enable them as samba
users: brucem, carols, brigito. I have also enabled ACLs on the Ubuntu

On Windows XP, if I access the share and right click on a file, properties,
security - I see the correct owner (SERVERNAME\brucem) - however if I try
to "Add" and then type carols or SERVERNAME\carols - I get "name not found"
(it first asks me to enter the username and password of someone with
permissions on the server - I have tried brucem, carols, and root)

However, when I apply the same process on Win7, it works perfectly. Any
ideas why???


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