[Samba] printers problem windows xp

Bill Szkotnicki bszk at uoguelph.ca
Sun May 27 04:04:37 MDT 2012

Hi samba list,

We are having a problem with our cups printers here.
It only occurs with windows xp ( ie not win7 or mac )
This happened after we upgraded samba to Version 3.6.5-85.fc16
(ie fedora core 16 yum install samba )
Now we can't add a printer on our win xp systems and the symptoms are as follows:
1) The printer list does not show up when in the add a printer dialogue
ie \\server\printer ( it used to give us the list of printers here and I think this is critical )
2) You can continue adding the printer but ultimately it fails with a message that says "server has lost its connection to printer"
All other aspects of samba are working fine ( ie share maping )
and printing is fine on all of the win7 machines.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Bill

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