[Samba] Splitting up directories with Samba variables

Heather Choi hceuterpe at gmail.com
Fri May 25 21:16:47 MDT 2012

In my smb.conf file, I currently I have a user share definition as:

     path = /samba/%U
     writeable = yes

The problem is, the user pool is in the tens of thousands, so it is not 
practical to have that many directories within /samba.
I'd like to somehow dynamically configure the path with subdirectories, 
using the first, and second letter of the username as the first and 
second nested subdirectory.
So the share path for username  "JOHN" would point dynamically to  

Does anyone know how to accomplish this using the user session variable 
%U?  Is there any concept of using a sub-string for a Samba variable?

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