[Samba] GPFS on Linux exported via Samba to Windows Clients, locking issue

Leonard Degollado degollad at us.ibm.com
Thu May 24 11:52:26 MDT 2012

I have a 3-node GPFS on Linux Cluster (3.4.0-12) with Samba 3.6.5
The problem  is with file locking across the Cluster.
Windows Client-1 maps the GPFS directory-1 from GPFS node-1 and initiates a
Write of File-1
Windows Client-2 maps the GPFS directory-1 from GPFS node-2 and should only
have READ access but not Modify/Delete/Rename access to File-1.

However, Windows Client-2 is able to Modify, Delete and Rename File-1
instead of being prevented by the locks.

If both Windows Clients (1 and 2) both map to GPFS node-1, the locking
mechanism works as designed.  Client-2 can Read but cannot
Modify/Delete/Rename File-1.
What are all the required parameters that should be specified in the
smb.conf file to enable the locking to work across the GPFS Cluster when
various Clients map to different nodes?

I have defined and tested every smb locking parameter combination without
any success.


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