[Samba] multi home dir locations

Collen cblijenberg at hermanjordan.nl
Wed May 23 07:56:43 MDT 2012

Hi all,

i've got samba 3.6 joined to a ad domain (s4 in this case)
running winbind
all looks ok, but i ran into a problem (for us that is)

i've got 2 groups (students and employes)
who have there home dirs in 2 different places.


so far so good, but i can't make the [homes] work for both of them (just 
1 group)

in winbind template, i can only use %g, and that gives me an GID of 
domain users (since that's the default with samba 4)
no secondary groups ect.

putting "path = ..." in the [homes] section gives me the same problem.

how can i get the homedir to work, if the location is different per user ??

even a ambiguous attempt with: path = /homes/`id -g %u`/%u
did not work...

cheers, Collen

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