[Samba] AD / new auxiliary class / vb script

Hervé Hénoch h.henoch at isc84.org
Wed May 23 07:48:56 MDT 2012


I've modified AD schema by adding a new auxiliary class (iscA) with an 
auxilairy attribute (iscA1).

I've followed this explanation /_*entirely*_/ : 

I've named the menu item with the same name (AllowedService). By 
right-clicking on a AD user then on the menu AllowedService, the 
following script is executed and it is intended to modify iscA1 
attribute. The script is :

/set args = WScript.arguments
Set user = GetObject(args(0))

temp = InputBox("iscA1 value", "Set iscA1", user.iscA1)
user.put "iscA1", temp

My first problem : when I right-click I've the message : "this object 
does not support this property or method".
Precision : i've linked my new auxiliary class with user class.

So i've created the following script which add iscA class and iscA1 
attribute to a specific user :
Set user = GetObject("LDAP://cn=toto,cn=users,<my domain>")

user.PutEx 3, "objectClass", Array("iscA")
user.Put "isc1", "toto"

After the execution of this script the right-click above run and I can 
modify the value of iscA1 attribute for user toto.
But I can't see the last value (given by /user.iscA1/) : always empty 
while in the LDAP database I can see the value is correctly set.

Two questions :

1) Why the first script fail ? Why must I execute the second script first ?

2) Why can't i see the last value of iscA1 when I run the first script ?


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