[Samba] Some what breaking security model in Samba; LDAP + SMB shares

aurfalien aurfalien at gmail.com
Tue May 22 13:18:16 MDT 2012

Hi all,

Been a Samba user for some time now.

I have a sort of odd request due to the nature of my env.

I have been authing my XP/7 clients against OpenLDAP for years now and all is well (using pGina).

I've even wrote a few scripts to tie in the SFU NFS client so that all is clean with regards to UGO of files/dirs.

However because NFS just plain sux on M$, I wish to come back to Samba as its so darn fast.

Is there any way I can simply map Samba shares as a user w/o a password to preserve UGO?  This can't be a guest map as I really need owner ship/mask to follow the user login.

I mean my users auth to login using my OpenLDAP server so I don;t feel the need to auth again for drive mapping.

And I can't have any Samba fromage (thats good cheese by the way as I love cheese) in my LDAP DB.

Thanks in advance,

- aurf

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