[Samba] Grant only one AD group to samba share ?

Dale Schroeder dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com
Tue May 22 12:50:37 MDT 2012

A few questions that might narrow things -

Which version of Samba are you using?
What does the idmap backend configuration for winbind look like?
Does testparm yield any errors?
Do getent group and wbinfo -g return the expected results?
Are nsswitch.conf and PAM configured for authentication?

On 05/22/2012 1:01 PM, Newman, John W wrote:
> Thanks..
> Unfortunately neither suggestion worked
> chgrp still just says "invalid group"
> valid users  = @"DOMAIN\\My Group" behaves the same as I described in the OP.  Valid credentials = access denied ; invalid credentials = invalid name or bad password.    I already tried all sorts of things in valid users, but nothing is the magic string I need.
> Any other ideas?
> Thanks for the help so far, much appreciated!!
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> On 21/05/12 23:36, Dale Schroeder wrote:
>> On 05/21/2012 3:42 PM, Newman, John W wrote:
>>> Thanks for the suggestion, but .. that doesn't work ...
>>> chgrp My\ Group /media/share
>>> chgrp: invalid group: `My Group'
>>> "My Group" is a windows AD group, not a local linux group. The
>>> machine is "joined" to the windows domain through "net ads join", but
>>> I don't think the security is that tightly integrated. I don't have
>>> windows groups mapped to linux groups I've created or anything like that.
>>> chgrp is expecting a linux group. Right?
>>> Probably I am missing something, or you guys need more information.
>>> Any thoughts?
> Hi
> Sorry. I forgot about winbind (we use nss-pam-ldapd). With winbind running that should read:
> chgrp MYDAOMAIN\\My\ Group /media/share
> Cheers,
> Steve
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