[Samba] Fwd: pam_mount configuration for users home directories from server to client

zingalo lozingalo at gmail.com
Sat May 19 05:05:14 MDT 2012

I have a debian server with ldap, samba, smbldap-tools installed and 
ubuntu clients. I set pam_mount to mount the user's home directories 
from the ldap-samba server (amahoro) on the clients at login time and 
this runs.
On the server the user's home directories are stored in
"/users" like "/users/username".

Logging by gdm appears the message: "Could not update ICEauthority file 
/home/user/.ICEauthority". Logging from a shell it mounts the user's 
home but i can't create files inside, "Permission denied". I tried to 
set all the permissions to all the users for a user's home but it didn't 
resolve my problem. Someone on debian.irc told me that samba doesn't 
support unix permissions. Someone told me that is possible but complicated.
Online i didn't find clear answers to this.

Do you know about this argument?



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE pam_mount SYSTEM "pam_mount.conf.xml.dtd">
         See pam_mount.conf(5) for a description.


                 <!-- debug should come before everything else,
                 since this file is still processed in a single pass
                 from top-to-bottom -->

<debug enable="2" />

                 <!-- Volume definitions -->
<volume fstype="cifs" server="amahoro" path="users/%(USER)" noroot="0"
mountpoint="/home/%(USER)" />

                 <!-- pam_mount parameters: General tunables -->
<!-- luserconf name=".pam_mount.conf.xml" -->

<!-- Note that commenting out mntoptions will give you the defaults.
      You will need to explicitly initialize it with the empty string
      to reset the defaults to nothing. -->
allow="nosuid,nodev,loop,encryption,fsck,nonempty,allow_root,allow_other" />
<mntoptions deny="suid,dev" />
<mntoptions allow="*" />
<mntoptions deny="*" />
<mntoptions require="nosuid,nodev" />

<logout wait="0" hup="0" term="0" kill="0" />

                 <!-- pam_mount parameters: Volume-related -->

<mkmountpoint enable="1" remove="true" />
<smbmount> mount.cifs //amahoro/users/%(USER) /home/%(USER) -o
<umount> umount /home/%(USER) </umount>



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