[Samba] would like to use samba3 pdc, no ldap account backend db, but use ldap for authN

Jon Detert jdetert at infinityhealthcare.com
Tue May 15 15:54:37 MDT 2012

I'd like to:

1) use samba3 as a PDC, and
2) not use LDAP as the account backend database, and
3) specify samba to use but use "encrypt passwords = true", and
4) use an ldap server as the authentication source for samba.

Is that possible?

I'd assumed it would be given that samba is pam-aware, and I can tell pam to use ldap for authN.

However, the man page for smb.conf seems to say no, as it says that "obey pam restrictions = true" will be ignored when "encrypt password" is set to true.

Am I understanding this correctly?  Is there a work-around?  I don't want to add the samba schema to my existing ldap server, but I do want to use my existing ldap server for authN.


Jon Detert
Sr. Systems Administrator
Infinity Healthcare
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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