[Samba] Setting up Samba and CentOS 6.2 IPA

Cliff Nieuwenhuis cliff at foresitesoftware.com
Fri May 11 06:59:13 MDT 2012

I have a small network with mixed OS's -- some Linux (mix of distros,
Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, CentOS) and some Windows (XP and Win7).  I'm
replacing my server and have installed CentOS 6.2 on it.  There are no
Windows servers on the network.

I'd like to have the server manage user accounts and passwords.
Ideally, I'd be able to log in to any computer on my network with the
same username and password.  Furthermore, I'd like to access to the
server's Samba shares to be based on the 'centralized' user account.

Is Samba (alone) sufficient to accomplish this, or do I need to also
set up NIS or IPA or something else?  If Samba is sufficient, what
security mode is recommended?  

I did look at IPA and it seems to address my centralized user account
management, but I haven't found a clear discussion on how it can be
used with Samba, or which should be set up first -- Samba or IPA.

I also looked at NIS, but the information I found was all several years
old so I have concerns that it may not be the correct choice.

I'd really appreciate thoughts and comments.  I'm not looking for
detailed instructions, but rather some advice on the overall plan.  


Cliff Nieuwenhuis
Foresite Software LLC

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