[Samba] cannot set gpfs:sharemodes to yes

Zdenek SMetana zden.smetana at gmail.com
Fri May 11 04:39:39 MDT 2012


I'm trying to set up samba share exporting gpfs filesystem and I strugle
with setting sharemode to yes. Samba is 3.6.5, gpfs version is 3.2.1-29
(the latest available for 3.2 branch). Everything works fine when sharemode
is set to no, but I'd rather insist to switch it to yes. That's what man
page says:

 no - do not propagate sharemodes across all GPFS nodes. This should only
be used if the GPFS file system is exclusively exported by Samba. Access by
local unix application or NFS exports could lead to corrupted files.

The problem is that when I double click on anything (testing on txt files
opening notepad) I get such message on WIndows 7 side: "The process cannot
access the file because it is being used by another process". Well it isn't
for sure, I can bet on that. Log messages contain interesting messages
which show that gpfs module was loaded, does its job, but it seems to have
problems with locking mechanism. It all seems to bo bad from the point when
"gpfs_set_share failed: Operation not permitted" is logged. elow goes stuff
I find interesting, full log file is megabytes long. My smb.conf is also
included at the botton.

Is it known issue? Any advice how to overcome that? I can't export my
filesysem having sharemodes set to no - it's used heavily on Linux side.


Zdenek smetana

[2012/05/10 18:47:16.881075, 10]
smbd/vfs.c:53(vfs_find_backend_entry)                    - module gets
  vfs_find_backend_entry called for gpfs
  Successfully loaded vfs module [gpfs] with the new modules system
[2012/05/10 18:47:16.881906, 10] modules/gpfs.c:201(smbd_gpfs_lib_init)
  libgpfs lacks gpfs_lib_init
[2012/05/10 18:47:18.671854, 10]
modules/vfs_gpfs.c:259(gpfs_get_nfs4_acl)           - module does its job -
these entries are irrelevant to my problems, but they show that module is ok
  gpfs_get_nfs4_acl invoked for .
[2012/05/10 18:47:18.671955, 10] modules/vfs_gpfs.c:270(gpfs_get_nfs4_acl)
  Got non-nfsv4 acl
[2012/05/10 18:47:18.671999, 10] modules/vfs_gpfs.c:371(gpfsacl_get_nt_acl)
  retrying with posix acl...
[2012/05/10 18:47:18.672044, 10] smbd/posix_acls.c:3412(posix_get_nt_acl)
  posix_get_nt_acl: called for file .
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979466, 10]
smbd/open.c:1163(grant_fsp_oplock_type)                 - trying to open
new text document
  grant_fsp_oplock_type: oplock type 0x3 on file New Text Document.txt
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979509,  4] smbd/open.c:2069(open_file_ntcreate)
  calling open_file with flags=0x0 flags2=0x0 mode=0744, access_mask =
0x20089, open_access_mask = 0x20089
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979568, 10] smbd/open.c:189(fd_open)
  fd_open: name New Text Document.txt, flags = 00 mode = 0744, fd = 36.
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979613,  2] smbd/open.c:704(open_file)
  testuser opened file New Text Document.txt read=Yes write=No (numopen=3)
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979668, 10] modules/gpfs.c:77(set_gpfs_sharemode)
  am=20089, allow=1, sa=3, deny=0
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979722, 10] modules/gpfs.c:87(set_gpfs_sharemode)
  gpfs_set_share failed: Operation not
permitted                                                           - why
it goes whong here??????
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979785, 10] lib/dbwrap_tdb.c:44(db_tdb_record_destr)
  Unlocking key 2D95ABFB144EEF53CA9FAB01000000000000000000000000
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979836, 10] modules/gpfs.c:68(set_gpfs_sharemode)
  special case am=no_access:0
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979879, 10] modules/gpfs.c:77(set_gpfs_sharemode)
  am=0, allow=0, sa=0, deny=0
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979927, 10] modules/gpfs.c:87(set_gpfs_sharemode)
  gpfs_set_share failed: Operation not permitted
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.979971, 10]
  get_windows_lock_count for file New Text Document.txt = 0
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.980015, 10]
  delete_windows_lock_ref_count for file New Text Document.txt
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.980063,  5] smbd/files.c:464(file_free)
  freed files structure 9705 (2 used)
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.980107, 10] smbd/open.c:3429(create_file_unixpath)
  create_file_unixpath: NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.980150, 10] smbd/open.c:3702(create_file_default)
[2012/05/11 11:29:41.980193,  3] smbd/error.c:81(error_packet_set)
  error packet at smbd/error.c(161) cmd=162 (SMBntcreateX)

My smb.conf looks like this:

        clustering = no
        workgroup = MYGROUP
        netbios name = mymachine
        security = ads
        encrypt passwords = yes
        realm = MYREALM.LOCAL
        preferred master = no
        map to guest = Bad User
        strict allocate = no
        strict sync = no
        sync always = no
        csc policy = disable
        veto files = /.??*/
        vfs objects = gpfs fileid
        force unknown acl user = yes
        gpfs:sharemodes = yes
        fileid:mapping = fsname
        comment = Home Directories
        valid users = %S, %D%w%S
        browseable = No
        read only = No
        inherit acls = Yes

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