[Samba] requesting help setting share permissions

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Thu May 10 12:29:43 MDT 2012

chgrp "GRP\sales" /opt/group/sales
chmod 0770 /opt/group/sales

if you already have a bunch of directories and files use find with
xargs to properly set the permissions
With this:
       comment = Sales files
       path = /opt/group/sales
       valid users = @"GRP\sales"
       force group = "GRP\sales"
       create mask = 0660
       directory mask = 0770
       nt acl support = No
       inherit permissions = No
Works fine in Samba 3.6.5, don't know about possible behavior changes
with that old 3.3.3.

Or you can use SGID as Dale suggested instead of "force group".


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