[Samba] : Server's root name change when log-in

Thibaut Jacob thibaut.jacob at univ-orleans.fr
Wed May 9 06:28:11 MDT 2012


I'm currently working on a server whitch use samba and openldap,
The OS used is Debian squeeze 6.0.1 64 on the server, the previous was 
fedora 5

My Samba is the domain Master of the network, the users of the ldap are 
link with the samba, and i try to join computer XP to this domain, so 
the user present in the ldap could  (with login and password) log on in 
the domain, access shares etc ...

ldap schema :  ou=people

Samba is well configured with libpam-ldap, libnss-ldap, smb-ldaptools
and the file /etc/nsswitch.conf with
passwd files ldap
group    files ldap
shadow files ldap

When using getent passwd, the server get all the users of the ldap.

But, ( and their is the problem ) : when trying to join the machine to 
the domain, how do i say to samba that only my users in
ou = systeme ; are the only one able to join this one ? Beacause 
currently, anyone can join the domain and i don't want it.

Other Strange things, when i try to join the domain with for exemple 
admin99 ( whitch is present in the ou=systeme) , when i'm on the server 
and open a Terminal, when i log in root ( su - root ) with the right 
password of root, i obtain :
admin99 at server , not root at server , and with a ls -lh on folder, files 
are on admin99:root

If i stop ldap 2 minutes after, and re-open a terminal and log as root, 
everything come back to normal.

If you need some infomations, I can give it in the next mail.


Thibaut JACOB
SCIRC Orléans (Bourgogne) IUFM


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