[Samba] <SOLVED> Re: New unexpected behaviour when joining a domain

J.F.Gratton jean-francois.gratton at videotron.ca
Tue May 8 18:12:37 MDT 2012

On the Windows boxen, I did: set | more .. something bothered me, the
USERDOMAIN variable was set to the linux host hostname. I figured that
users might be logging in locally, somehow. Easy to solve: pdbedit -x
USER ; smbpasswd -a USER.

I went with pdbedit -x instead of smbpasswd -x because smbpasswd -x also
launches userdel, which I wanted to avoid.

All set and solved.

-- Jeff

On Sun, 2012-05-06 at 10:15 -0400, J.F.Gratton wrote:
> Good morning,
> I'm running Samba 3.6.5 on a Fedora 16 box, where I configured Samba to act as a PDC. A few weeks ago everything went smoothly; I then had to change the -physical- box running linux + samba, and everything went weird since then.
> First, I'm using the same smb.conf file from the previous box. The OS hasn't changed, Samba packages might have been updated, but since I update that box on a almost-daily basis, not sure it could be a factor.
> Some basic info :
> Linux box is called oslo ( / 13), domain name is devnet
> A Win7 box (helsinki, / 13) has to join the domain
> A Win2K8R2 box (bergen, / 13, VM running on oslo) has to join the domain.
> I've applied the registry patch (as provided on http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Windows7) on all machines awhile back; those machines were on the domain before I changed the linux box. Everything was fine then.
> Now, the Win7 machine had to be rebuilt, too, from scratch. I applied the registry patch, made sure that was present as a WINS server in its ip config and so on.
> I joined the domain the usual way, and allowed all domain users to use the win7 box. Funny thing now is that I see those things in the samba server logs:
> _netr_ServerAuthenticate3: netlogon_creds_server_checkj failed. Rejecting auth request from client HELSINKI machine account HELSINKI$ (which exists in /etc/passwd and the samba backend, as shown with pdbedit -L). Not sure if this error message is valuable.
> The next funny thing that shows up now is that on my windows box, the users' domain accounts on the boxes appear as c:\users\USERNAME.oslo (the linux box hostname), instead of c:\users\USERNAME.devnet (devnet being the domain name).
> I'm not sure what is going on. DNS issues ? WINS issues ? I can provide any info you might ask. I did not include my smb.conf file yet as I did not want to clutter this mailing list, especially if someone thought of something before me posting the file.
> Regards,
> -- Jeff

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