[Samba] Samba authenticating against Windows Active Directory

Marcelo Pereira marcelops at gmail.com
Tue May 8 14:38:34 MDT 2012

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the integration between Samba and the Active
Directory (Windows 2008).

Current setup:

1. We have been using a Samba server to offer shared folder to the user in
my institution.
2. The users have any kind of operational system on their machines, and
they don't log in any domain server
3. The users simply map their shares at the Samba server, using their samba
usernames and password.

The future:

1. We have a main LDAP server (Windows 2008 Active Directory) that we want
to integrate with our Samba server.
2. We would like to keep the "modus operandi" of the usage (i.e.: The users
simply point to their shares, enter their usernames/passwords and access
their files).
3. We don't want to have the "samba usernames/passwords". Instead, we want
the Samba to authenticate using the Active Directory.

The final situation would be:

1. User turn his computer on (doesn't matter the operational system that he
is using).
2. User map his samba share
3. User enter his credentials to the Samba Share
4. Samba ask the Active Directory if these credentials are valid
5. If the username/password is authenticate successfully against the Active
Directory, then Samba let the user access his files.

The questions:

1. At this point, the linux server has joined the domain (it's ok at this

How can I accomplish the Samba+AD integration?? Is there any specific


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