[Samba] samba(3.6.4), with LDAP backend and sambapasswordhistory issue

Kevin Taylor groucho.64738 at hotmail.com
Fri May 4 12:05:54 MDT 2012

We would like to have password history working in our setup which is samba with Sun Directory Services 7.0 on the backend. Everything else seems to be working ok, but I notice that the sambapasswordhistory entry for any particular user is filled with 0's.

If I set the password for the account, then it's 16 0's, followed by a copy of the password hash, and the rest 0's.

If I change the password to something else, the history entry stays the same.

If I change the password back to the original, the second password hash that I entered isn't stored along with the original. It's 0's.

I've seen online that someone had this issue in 2005, but I didn't see any responses to this. Has anyone seen this or have a suggestion of what I can try?

Thanks for the help. 

we're using a history of 24 in case it matters...maybe that's a problem, should it be 23?


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