[Samba] User's home folders

zingalo lozingalo at gmail.com
Wed May 2 13:28:46 MDT 2012

On 05/02/2012 08:42 PM, Tom Noonan II wrote:
>> - insert in /etc/fstab two line to mount the /user_data and /usersHomes?
> This is the method I prefer.  Simply mount the disks on boot as you do with any
> other filesystem.  If I'm understanding the question properly, samba and logins
> don't even come into play.  This is just an issue of preparing the filesystems
> on boot.
> Unless these disks are some form of removable media, I don't see any reason to
> use autofs here.
I have a computer room with 30 machine Ubuntu and about 200 differents 
So user_1 will logon on client_1 and he will work on /usersHomes/user_1 
Then, the user_2 will logon on the same client and he will work on 
/usersHomes/user_2 directory.
I configured pam on my laptop and i can login using the credentials of 
some users of the ldap tree but it doesn't recognize and it doesn't 
mount neither the home directory nor the public directory.
But logging with the same users, locally on the server, it recognizes 
and it use the home.
I miss the configuration on the client to mount the samba share and home 

Next thing i'll want will be that a client windows can authenticate 
against freeradius-ldap on the lan and can browse the samba share and 
his home also.

step by step!

What do you suggest?
thanks for your interest

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