[Samba] Samba shares inaccessable

The Hiers patria at thehiers.com
Sat Jun 30 16:54:16 MDT 2012

I'm fairly new to ubuntu and have been asked to figure out why the
samba 3 shares on a ubuntu 10.x server have become inaccessible. Here
are the details:

Office staff suddenly cannot access their samba shares from their mac
osx clients. They can connect to the server, it accepts password,
shows the available shares, but when one is selected (any of them
except netlogon), user gets the message "Connection failed. There was
an error connecting to the server "" Check the server
name or IP address, and then try again."

The samba log file only says:

[2012/06/29 07:12:15, 0] smbd/service.c:988(make_connection_snum)
canonicalize_connect_path failed for service shared, path /home/shared

However, root CAN connect to any of the shares successfully from the
same client machines.

Smb.conf has not changed since the problem started, and the folder
permissions look correct.

Samba has been restarted.

The samba documentation I find online shows access can be given to
clients in the smb.conf file using "valid users" variable, but this is
not how this particular implementation has been configured.

Where else should I look to find the source of the problem. Are there
other methods to give access to samba shares than using the smb.conf


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