[Samba] Samba4: fileserver on a box other than a DC

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Thu Jun 28 00:51:02 MDT 2012

On 27/06/12 21:16, Chris Weiss wrote:
> dfs can do a sort of share cluster too, where multiple server have the
> same share and the clients can connect to any one of the servers using
> the same name.  My understanding is that samba supports this mode, but
> you have to do the file share sync and locking some other way.  gfs or
> ocfs on top of drdb are possible options for this

Just trying to get all the options before we go much further.

We already have 2 replicating DC's with the file server on DC1. Would it 
be possible to use drdb here by putting the fileserver data on a 
separate partition and syncing that to DC2? Or how about a third box 
drbd'd to DC1 mirroring the data partition and setting up that as a 
fileserver too?

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