[Samba] Group Share's Not accessible for any users

Anthony Boccia aboccia at afilias.info
Fri Jun 22 09:31:18 MDT 2012

Hello All,

I have recently run into an issue with group shares. All users in my
network can authenticate off my samba 3.6.5 PDC, and access their windows
profiles/personal shares. My authentication is backed by LDAP. Within LDAP
each user is a member of a particular posix group pertaining to the
department they are in. I use winbind for mapping, I can join machines to
the domain, add users, etc everything seems to work except any shares that
are to groups i.e a posix group in ldap with a list of users under it do
not allow access to the users in the group. Attached is my smb.conf as well
as the errors i receive when attempting to connect. Doesn't look like much
to go on, I can try and provide more info if needed. Seems like there may
be some small configuration item i am overlooking. Any ideas would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank You
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 looking for user bob of domain (ANY) in netgroup systems
  user 'bob' (from session setup) not permitted to access this share (systems)

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