[Samba] Samba3+OpenLDAP -> Samba4 implications.

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On 19.06.2012 22:31, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 18:33 +1000, Alex Ferrara wrote:
>> I might be going over old stuff, and if so, I apologise.
>> I administer a network that uses Samba 3 with an OpenLDAP backend for domain logons, printing and file sharing. I am interested in moving to Samba4 for the domain control side of things, but the twist is that I have many other things relying on OpenLDAP for authentication and configuration, with several custom schemas.
>> Is there a samba4 schema for OpenLDAP or is there a migration path for networks like mine?
> There is an upgrade path; the proceedure for doing upgrade provisioning
> is on the Samba4 wiki.  At this point it works pretty well.

I currently ask myself the same question as Alex, so thanks for 
(re-)pointing us at the wiki. After reading both the normal samba4/howto 
and the upgrade-howto, here are my questions:

  - If I understand it correctly, s4 will replace the currently running 
  - Did anyone ever think about setups where the slapd is not running on 
the same machine as the samba3? (And where joining both on a single 
machine is not wanted?)
  - Did anyone ever think about setups where two or more machines run 
slapd with multi-master replication?

Even if we could go on without multi-master and be content with having 
one (virtual) machine serving both as master for all the ldap-based 
authentication (with read-only mirrors) and as the master for the 
  - The migration-howto doesn't mention at all what happens with the 
additional schemes installed on the ldap and seems to only assume that 
standard samba3-schema and posix/inetorgperson is active?
  - Is it possible to read-only replicate at least the unix (and custom) 
schemes to second servers? How would that be configured?

Thanks for answering and have a good day,

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