[Samba] Valid users issue

Thibaut Jacob thibaut.jacob at univ-orleans.fr
Thu Jun 14 01:18:22 MDT 2012

( system Debian Squeeze 6.01 )

I've got problem with my LDAP-SAMBA server where samba is my PDC.

I've configured libnss-ldap and libpam-ldap, smb.conf to enable the 
authentication between the both services.

When using : getent passwd : i've got every people from the ldap server 
(same server)
When i join a host XP to the domain, everything fine, it use the script 
of connection i use, mount share etc ..

In fact where i've got the problem, is for the share files.
I've in my smb.conf this line :


        comment = Files exchange
        path = /partage
        writeable = yes
        admin users = @root
        valid users = @root @iatoss
        force directory mode = 0775
        force create mode = 0775

/But it didn't work/, when you to enter the directory partage : if the 
user is from an other group, he can enter, modify etc ...
So i've try several thing, like :

#toto = test user made
//valid users = toto /

and here, only toto can enter, so my smb.conf is correct.

Then i've try to see if my server could seen the group :

getent group | grep iatoss

Everything is fine, i see group and user inside.

Am i missing something ?
Thank you


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