[Samba] Creating a package to upgrade several solaris servers

Kincho . mugrekincho at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 15:48:34 MDT 2012


I have to upgrade several servers with different versions of Solaris (9 &
10) and different installations and I thought that creating a package will
help me save some time, but I am facing more issues this way than
installing manually.
I understand that I have to run ./configure first from source3 folder, then
make and last the makepkg.sh script, right? I have also changed the install
path to match the install directory. configure & make seem to work without
errors after a couple of fixes, but makepkg.sh is throwing me some errors
(I don't have them here but I can post them later)

My question is, did anyone create a successful package for Solaris with
latest version? can anyone give me a little bit of guidance, please?

Thanks in advance.

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