[Samba] Yet another Win7 failing to join the domain...

Hoover, Tony hoover at sal.ksu.edu
Wed Jun 6 07:49:36 MDT 2012

CentOS 5 does have a newer samba available.  To get it:

yum remove samba
yum install samba3 

or to get really fresh samba, use the SerNet repos.

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I just installed a Windows 7 Pro workstation and failed to join our domain
("latest" samba 3.0.33 from CentOS 5.8).
I tried the 2 lanmanWorkstation registry keys from the wiki and Windows
keeps saying that he cannot find the domain.
I see NOTHING in samba logs... no failure message... almost like Windows did
not even try to talk to it...
I tried the old way (CompatibleRUP, signorseal, strongkey, secpol "LM/NTLM
or NTLMv2 if neg") to no avail.

Others Vista can join "without problem".
I can mount shares manually

I read the samba wiki and did not see this version as tested, apart from the
"and other versions".
Is it supposed to work or do I need to install a newer version (non CentOS


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