[Samba] Samba PDC and Local Group Policies on XP

Benedikt.Wiesnet@BW-SYSTEMS.net benedikt.wiesnet at bw-systems.net
Mon Jul 30 10:39:01 MDT 2012

Hi *,

I have reinstalled a server with the newest version of samba and configured it as PDC based on this tutorial (http://www.nicht-blau.de/2010/12/28/howto-samba-3-5-6-pdc-primary-domain-controller-und-windows-7-2/).

I then copied the old profiles folder onto the new server and set the permissions. But however before the reinstallation every Domainuser in the Domain accepted the Group Policies I set up at every Win XP computer (i.e. Setting a specific Wallpaper, Setting a specific design, deny access to system controls) and now they are consequently ignored.


I log on as Administrator (locally):
- I have no access to system controls
- I have my Wallpaper
- I have my Design
(Group policies are working)

I log on as Domainuser:
- I have full rights, I can do everything
- I have a blue Wallpaper
- Nothing happened to the design

What the hell is going wrong? Why does a Domainuser has more rights than the administrator and why does the group policies do nothing?

I hope somebody can help me.

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