[Samba] Samba: read-only remote LDAP + additional local users

Arokux B. arokux at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 09:27:35 MDT 2012

> Do you bind directly against the LDAP server as a samba passdb, or do
> you join the domain?

I bind directly against LDAP.

> It would be more normal to join the domain, and then you can have local
> unix users and local Samba users in your local passdb, while connecting
> to the main company domain as a domain member.

Ok, thanks for the hint, I will try this.

Another quick question: Could you please provide an option to be able
to specify different attribute name instead of uid? User names in the
LDAP I'm connecting to are saved in cn... pam_ldap2 allowed me to
change the name of this attribute with "map passwd uid cn".


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