[Samba] Samba4 - LastLogonTimestamp ldap attribute

Olivier BILHAUT o.bilhaut at fondation-misericorde.fr
Mon Jul 30 03:37:31 MDT 2012

Hi, subscribers,

We currently use samba4 beta 4 from sources as described in the wiki. 
Every core func. works really fine since we use it in a test/production 
environment with 20 users and a bunch of computers with windows 7/xp and 
some linux station and servers with winbind. So for my first post I want 
to really thanks every contributer for achieved and future work.

My question is about the LastLogonTimestamp. I'd like to know which 
standard user is not recently used in my ldap tree. It could be 
interesting disable old accounts to help maintain a secure domain.
I can't find this attribute in the ldap tree. And the LastLogon is 
always set to 0. So is there a timestamp or another way which can 
indicate the last use of an account in the AD domain?

Best regards,

***	O.Bilhaut
***	Service Informatique
***	Fondation de la Miséricorde

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