[Samba] Help infomation to build the system as Microsoft Active Directory !

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 07:05:54 MDT 2012

Many of your questions should be answered on www.samba.org and

Samba4 provides Active Directory functionality.   It is free -  you
don't have to pay for it, but there is the cost of your time.   

On 07/24/12 08:08, Ha Minh Ai wrote:
> Dear Mr/Madam,
> We have wanted to build the system for centralizal management: User
> account, printer, policy, deploy softwares to client, manage update OS,
> Single Sign On, ....
> I know there have a same system as Micrsoft Active Directory, but we
> haven't a lot dollars.
> Please help me to answer some questions as the below:
>  - How is the solution (*OpenLDAP + Samba*) on Ubuntu, RHEL/CentOS or SUSE
> server ?
>  - How many user can the system support maximum ?
>  - Could i build the system include Primary Domain Controller Server and
> Additional Domain Controller ?
>  - Does Samba/OpenLDAP has cost-edition for enterprise ? If yes, what is it
> different from free-edition ?
> I'm looking forward to supporting from you. Thanks so much
> Best regards,
> Aihm

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