[Samba] Question about the difference samba3x and samba 3.x

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Wed Jul 25 09:28:56 MDT 2012

On 25/07/12 15:39, Anthony Boccia wrote:
> Hello All,
> I haven been having issues joining my windows 7 client to a samba
> 3.5.10-125 PDC. I have been doing some reading online and have found some
> pages that suggest that samba3x plays better with windows 7. The PDC OS is
> RHEL and i am using RHEL 6 upstream packages for samba. My question is,
> does this theory of samba3x being windows 7 friendly over samba 3.x hold
> true? Also, what is the difference between samba3x and samba 3.x.

With RHEL RedHat make long term commitments not to fiddle with version 
numbers of the software. However given the age of RHEL5 the Samba 3.0.x 
that it originally shipped with was getting very long in the tooth and 
does not work as well with Vista/Windows 7.

To overcome this problem but allow people who wished to stay with the 
original Samba 3.0.x version RHEL introduced samba3x packages (with RHEL 
5.5 from memory). These are a newer version of Samba originally 3.3.8, 
then 3.5.4 and now 3.5.10. The samba3x packages mean that if I do a yum 
update on my RHEL 5 file server it does not update my Samba version 
beyond 3.0.x and break it unless I explicitly do the upgrade by hand.

Currently none of this applies on RHEL6 which is using 3.5.x from the 
get go.


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