[Samba] default extended file attributes on ZFS [samba 3.6.5 / freebsd ]

Joeri Vanthienen mail at boeri.be
Tue Jul 24 04:04:39 MDT 2012

I'm running the latest FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT with samba 3.6.5.
I'm sharing some folders from a ZFS file system

properties of the zfs filesystem:
tank/users  aclmode               passthrough              inherited from
tank/users  aclinherit            passthrough              received

When I create a file via a windows client on the shared volume following
ACL is applied:

getfacl New\ Text\ Document.txt
# file: New Text Document.txt
# owner: administrator
# group: domain users

 ls -l New\ Text\ Document.txt
-rw-rw----+ 1 administrator  domain users  0 Jul 24 10:46 New Text

I don't want to see the everyone listed in the ACL ( with following aces:
read attributes, Read extended attrbiutes, Read permissions) on the windows
Is this " everyone@:------a-R-c---:------:allow" implemented by FreeBSD by
default? Can I filter this or change the default extended attributes? Is
this defined by the the NFSv4 standard?
Default umask on freebsd is 022.
I'm using the zfsacl vfs objects module.

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