[Samba] Strange behaviour of clients after changing Full Name via pdbedit

Dr. Harry Knitter harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de
Mon Jul 23 06:23:42 MDT 2012


after having changed the Full Name of a user via pdbedit the user profile of 
this user is not loaded properly any more by the XP clients.

So we renamed again back to the original Full Name and the profile could be 
loaded. However, something went wrong
All settings like network drives were gone.

Then we restored the whole profile folder from backup (The user was logged 

Again, however, we got troubles. Situation didn´t change. The profile was 
loaded but the settings still were gone.

We had to restore  the drives manually.
In Addition now the client has only an English keybord layout and there is no 
possibility to get the original German one back. There is nothing to see in 
the systray nor can the classical view of the control panel be switched on to 
change keybord layout for this specific user.
The local Admin can change everything and has the right keyboard layout.
We had to change the Full Name of this user, because Windows 7 doesn´t support 
Umlauts in Full Name and we want to move this user from XP now to Windows 7 in 
near future.

Our samba version is 3.5.6 on a debian squeeze system.

Thanks in advance


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