[Samba] DFS strange behavior

Bruno Guerreiro bruno.guerreiro at ine.pt
Mon Jul 23 04:12:27 MDT 2012

Hello list,
Im facing a strange (?) behavior in MS office applications while 
working on a DFS share that only appeared after we migrated from Samba 
3.0.14 to samba 3.5.10.

Server-loc1 and server-loc2  have two shares : data and data$
data points to a dfs root share in which exists a directory for 
multiple geographic locations which are a msdfs link,  loc1 points 
to \\server-loc1\data$ and loc2 points to \\server-loc2\data$

data$ is a local directory

Both shares get mapped:
R: -> \\server-loc1\data
P: -> \\server-loc1\\data$

If a user browses R:\  he will see two  directories loc1 and 
loc2, and that way he can access either location.
So, if he clicks on r:\loc1\ he will be taken to r:\loc1 which is in 
fact \\server-loc\data$

This works just fine in almost every application except those in office 
If the user browses R inside any MS Office application, if he clicks in 
r:\loc1 the location switchs to P:
This causes issues mainly in linked documents, as the link reference 
becomes P: instead of R:\loc1, preventing users at loc2 from accessing 
the links, since at loc2 P:\ is equivalent to R:\loc2, not R:\loc1

Is this the expected behavior?

Sorry if this is too confusing. If anyone can help, but needs 
clarification Ill be glad to try to explain it in another way.

Bruno Guerreiro

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